Let's bring REVOLUTION in the

Cutting-edge progressive technology encompassing
Medical Education in Stereoscopic 3D.

BGS Medical College: The first in Bengaluru, to implement MedVeda 3D Classes


We are immensely proud to announce that MedVeda 3D Classes have been inaugurated at the BGS Medical College Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. This implementation will act as a complete Medical Education Ecosystem for the college, benefiting Students, Professors and College Management as well.


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Dive into the future of

Medical Studies



revolutionary features.

Utilizing the best talent of
the creative and medical
industry, we accomplish precision with
graphic excellence.


Current Scenario

Educational institutes have an old way of
teaching methods.
It is difficult for the students to visualize and
learn the complex topics in the lecture hall.
All of student’s personal data is on an old
and vulnerable system which is not secure.
Professional level case studies usually
require a lot of time and effort.
Experimentation and training of students
can be a bit expensive.
The PPT presentations and 2D videos are
redundant now and don’t attract the students.

Medveda's Solution

Medveda technology incorporates new and fun
ways of learning
S3D,VR and AR technology can help students in
understanding difficult topics
Cloud Based computing will make sure your
student’s personal data is safe and sound.
Medveda makes sure that you get the best
world wide case studies.
VR and AR can be used to train students within
budget and without danger
3D stereoscopic videos come up with deep
knowledge and new perspective.

What Makes Us Different..

Learning Management System
The medical instructing and learning support, with tons of features. It is structured by the specialists to handle every issue, educators and students face in the learning process.

S-3D Lectures and Case studies
We create medical subjects and case studies in S-3D to draw out the vivid experience of medical studies. We choose 3Da as it guarantees and prolonged attention.

An Integrated Platform
A Single platform for every person, starting from medical schools, teachers, understudies, restorative experts and patient instruction. We ensured that everybody can address their issues on a sigle stage.


step 1

Initial talks with the clients.

step 2

Demonstration of our services at the
client place.

step 3

Objectives, Analysis, Plannings
and final Discussions.

step 4

Structuring, outlining and creating content.

step 5

Bug Testing and Rendering.

step 6

Final installation, Initial operating support
and Life time maintenance.

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